I'm a wedding and portrait photographer passionate about capturing love.

I'm kait


I'm Kait. I am a wearer of many hats- because I simply am never satisfied with just one thing. I am a wife of eight years and a Mama to three little's and one on the way. Back in 2019 my husband and I bought our first home together and rehabbed the entire place- with no prior experience. I am always up for learning new skills and love challenging myself. Once I try something once, I tend not to give it up until I feel confident in my growth. I find importance in self-growth and strengthening relationships around me. I love deeply connecting with others and am an open door for vulnerability. 

I recently left my job as a special education teacher of nine years to pursue my business full-time. It has been the best decision yet- investing in myself and my family. My experience behind the camera started at a young age. I was given my first camcorder at nine and haven't stopped capturing since. I truly love creating and capturing moments that freeze time. Intentionality. Organic. Timeless. That is what I strive for in my work. I want images to retell a story in time. After all, as time passes us by, photos are all we are left with someday. 

a glimpse behind the camera

I truly love capturing moments that freeze time. intentionality. organic. timeless. that is what i strive for in my work.



I am truly passionate about connecting with people. I enjoy learning about others, building relationships, and inspiring others. 

favorite place

One of my favorite places to visit domestically is San Deigo, CA. Internationally, Santorini still holds the top spot.

Fun Fact

I will try everything at least once. And likely once I try it, I won't stop until I'm confident with it.


I can bowl. And pretty well. At the peak of my bowling career, my highest game was a 272 out of a possible 300. 


I really enjoy being outdoors (but in warm weather!), home diy projects, eating good food, and spending time with family and friends. 


I have suddenly found the urge to learn to ride a horse and live on a ranch.

My core values

One of the most important values in photography for me is intentionality. I strive to be very intentional in the images I capture and deliver to my clients. I want to capture the moments on your big day you weren't around to see- like Grandpa wiping a tear on his face. I want to capture the moment your little one looks at you with awe in their eyes. I want you to feel those moments when you look back at your images for years to come.



I strive to create and capture images that are authentic and true to who my clients are. I want to capture moments as they organically unfold versus posing your moments. Through prompting, instead of posing, I guide my clients through their sessions. Creating genuine interactions, smiles, and emotions together.



Lastly, I embrace creativity throughout my sessions. I want to provide my clients with quality images and work each and every time. I want clients walking away with a personalized experience and a unique gallery that is all their own. I embrace light, shadows, depth, and all the things to create images that are fresh and new.

embrace creativity